The Handley Partnership Consulting Engineers are a North Yorkshire-based Civil & Structural Engineering practice. We act for a wide range of private, commercial and public clients, both on our own and as part of multi-profession teams.

Structural Design

From the design of a simple beam for a domestic alteration up to large commercial projects, we can offer a complete design service for all timber, steel, concrete and composite elements. All of our calculations are set out in a user-friendly way, so they can be easily interpreted by clients, contractors and building control authorities. Our designs always put the clients' requirements first and we are well known for our ability to work quickly, to be able to respond to changes and to take on board suggestions from other member of the design/construction team.

Some of the design projects we have recently been involved with include:

  • Domestic alterations
  • Refurbishment of a listed building
  • Barn and agricultural building assessment and conversion
  • Steel-framed building design
  • Basements to new and existing buildings
  • Foundation design including strips, rafts and piles
  • Retaining walls (mass, reinforced masonry, reinforced concrete timber crib

Structural Assessment & Defect Analysis

Over many years we have been involved on a day-to-day basis with the assessment of buildings and the analysis of their defects. Following on from this, we are able to advise on the best course of action to deal with the issues found, taking into account sustainability, practicality and cost.

Some of the assessment projects we have recently been involved with include:

  • Inspection of building undergoing structural movement and advising on cause and remedy
  • Assessment of defective floor to large workshop area
  • Inspection of corroded steelwork and giving advice on impact on load capacity
  • Assessment of existing roof structure following provision of solar PV cells
  • Bridge and earthworks assessments for railway reinstatement

Expert Witness

Building on our design and assessment experience, we act as expert witness for clients and courts in dispute cases. We are able to act at short notice and provide clear and concise reports to a form accepted by UK courts. We have a very good record of our findings being accepted by all sides, often leading to early case settlement.


Planning Assessments

When a building is to be converted from one use, for example, to another, the local planning authority often requires a structural assessment to confirm that the building is adequate for its new purpose and to highlight any defects which need to be addressed or areas which need to be rebuilt. We have provided such reports for many of the planning authorities in the North of England, and applications backed by our report have a high success rate.


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