The Handley Partnership was formed in 1990 as a surveying and structural engineering practice, specialising in the assessment of large stocks of buildings and other structures. Since the formation of the practice we have carried out Buildings at Risk surveys in all parts of England and Wales.

We firmly believe that all projects should be survey-led and therefore we use only qualified engineers and surveyors to carry out all fieldwork inspections..

Flexible Approach

In addition to carrying out surveys for clients, we have developed the survey methodology and analysis system to provide a widely used software system which can form the core of a local authorities' listed building management systems. The analysis tools within the application allow rapid and varied interrogation of the data and can be used to monitor trends and set best value targets.

Our system is set up to be as flexible as possible and we are always able to tailor the survey methodology, data collection criteria and the computer application to meet the needs of clients.

Unrivalled Experience

All Buildings at Risk survey projects are led by Scott Handley, our senior partner, who is almost certainly the most experienced Buildings at Risk Surveyor in the UK.

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